SMU Out To Care


Out To Care is a support and networking group that encourages inclusion among Singapore Management University (SMU)'s diverse community, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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Our Vision

Out To Care strives to make SMU an inclusive and accepting community for all regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, as well as amplify and empower LGBTQ+ voices.

Our Mission 

1. Include
Foster inclusion within the SMU community (including current and prospective students, staff members, and alumni) by raising awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and embracing diversity.

2. Network

Provide networking opportunities for members with companies, agencies, and organisations that support LGBTQ+ inclusion and diversity in the workplace. We aim to bring together like-minded individuals and organisations that value inclusion in all its aspects.

3. Support
Support fellow members and schoolmates by fostering camaraderie and ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all, both within the network and in the broader SMU community.

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